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Cast Profile – Kyle Fabel (Nick)

Actor/Director Kyle Fabel should be familiar to Merrimack Repertory Theatre subscribers, as he has appeared on the MRT stage four times prior to his turn as “Nick” in A View of the Harbor. He has also directed two MRT productions, The Four of Us and Trying, and will also be directing Tranced by Bob Clyman, the next show in our season.


Kyle is a graduate of New York University and has been a member of The Actors Theatre Company in New York City since 2001-2002. Kyle has appeared in or directed 19 productions at TACT since joining. Kyle has also appeared on Broadway in Aaron Sorkin’s The Farnsworth Invention, which starred Hank Azaria


Kyle was nice enough to take some time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to answer a few questions about himself.


This is your 5th time acting in an MRT production, what keeps bringing you back? Do you have any fond memory/story of MRT or Lowell you would like to share?


The great plays and the collaboration with Charles keep me coming back.  I’ve always loved Lowell, and I have fond memories of going for drinks at the old Ivo’s bar.  I was bummed when they shut down, and am happy to see that the place has reopened as a new bar/restaurant.  I also had a great night being taken out by some locals to see belly dancing at Athenian Corner.


What is it going to be like acting in one show and director another (Tranced) at the same time? How will you be able to balance your time between the two?


Those first two weeks rehearsing ‘Tranced’ will be exhausting, since I’ll still be performing seven times a week.  Nevertheless, my head will be clear because (ideally!) I will have my role in ‘Harbor’ figured out so most of my concentration can go towards ‘Tranced’.


Long term, do you see yourself as actor or director?


I hope never to have to give one up, but if it came to that I see myself ultimately as a director.

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