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Lawrence Academy Visits MRT
Zainab Jah and Mark Zeisler in Tranced - Photo by Megan Moore
Zainab Jah and Mark Zeisler
Photo by Megan Moore

Over 300 students and faculty from Lawrence Academy in Groton visited Merrimack Repertory Theatre Tuesday morning for a student matinee performance of Tranced. The students, who were sophomores, juniors and seniors, packed Liberty Hall and were a great audience for our actors. Lawrence Academy will be joining us again on Thursday, February 19, when the freshman class will be in attendance.


After the performance, Company Manager Peter Crewe led the entire cast in a talkback with the students.  Students were interested in several difference topics from the show. First, they asked how long the actors had to rehearse the show. Mark Zeisler responded to that question, saying he confirmed he would be doing Tranced around Thanksgiving, and that the cast had about 3 weeks to rehearse. The students also asked about their accents. Zainab responded that she is very happy that she didn’t have to put on an accent for once, while Mark talked about how he has played an Arab character before, but he modified his accent this time. He said he listened to tapes of the Syrian Minister of Defense to help get the accent down.  


The students also asked the actors about their knowledge of Africa and big dam issues. Everyone in the cast felt it was great to be working on a play that actually had something to say on an important issue. Kimber Riddle responded that she has been to Africa several times on relief missions, which she talked about in an earlier interview on our blog. David Adkins said he has several relatives that have been to Africa and that after he read Tranced he became interested in researching the big dam controversies in India and China.


If you want to read about the trip from Lawrence Academy’s perspective, click here.


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