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More Bad Date Stories

The winner will be announced tomorrow, but here are a couple more stories to hold you over until then.

One Too Many Women
By Peter

In 1953 Jeanne was to be my date to see a play. The club we belonged to was sponsoring that evening’s charitable performance. Our first date was not to go as I expected. The club director called me to ask, “Are you driving a sedan?” I innocently replied that I was. Two female members wanted to attend but did not have transportation. She asked me to be their chauffer. I protested. I would be doing it for the good of the club and as a personal favor. My date would be awkward. The director called again asking me to take two more females. I was floored, but I had to relent.

I called Jeanne, explained, and she said that she understood. I arrived at Jeanne’s with four girls in my car. My 1946 Chevrolet had its gear shift under the steering wheel so Jeanne could sit in the front seat. What a ridiculous situation!

On the drive home rain started to fall. My Chevrolet had a fresh air vent controlled by a lever under the dashboard. The vent seal was not watertight and the rain came through onto Jeanne’s shoes – she was now sitting in the middle. I told them that I had ordered a new car – they were not convinced.

I dropped the other girls off first to have time alone with Jeanne. After such an embarrassing evening would Jeanne ever go out with me again?

A Quick Exit
By Ruby

Mary Ann and I were sophomores in college when our mutual friend, Sarah, approached us with her problem. She had agreed to arrange a blind date for two of her brother’s friends from MIT, but discovered that she was to have a major exam that Monday. She pleaded with the two of us to be the blind dates. With a bit of reluctance, but also a bit of curiosity, we agreed to meet the two guys at a restaurant in Coolidge Corner and then take in a movie together.

When we met our serious-faced “dates” at the restaurant we could tell very quickly that they were more interested in eating ribs and chatting intently with each other about some complicated physics problem than they were in getting to know us. We listened politely or tried to ask probing questions, but they were not easily distracted from their own conversation. We left the restaurant and headed to the theater, the two guys deciding what movie we would see, without any discussion with us. After each of us paid the admission and found seats, the guys resumed chatting to each other while Mary Ann and I flattened ourselves to the back of the seats between them. Just before the movie began, Mary Ann suggested that she and I visit the restroom. In the restroom we looked at each other and both of us simultaneously said, “Let’s leave……and we never returned to our seats!”

For fifty two years, I’ve wondered which of us could be accused of bad manners?

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