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Dave Price of the CBS Early Show as the Golden Snitch. Photo by CBS News.

Today we broadcast the wizarding world’s wildly popular sport of Quidditch. A sport loosely based on Soccer, J.K. Rowling created this semi-contact sport with teams of seven players each that takes place in the air on brooms where one quaffle gets thrown through rings, two bludgers get batted into the players flying around, and most importantly, the Golden Snitch, a gold ball with wings so fast it zips around the field until one player catches it, ending the game.

In 2005, students studying at Middlebury College in Vermont decided the sport should not be limited to only witches and wizards, and Muggle Quidditch was born. The players must have brooms between their legs at all times, leaving their free hand to handle the quaffle, bludger or Snitch. The Snitch is generally a player with a track and field background dressed in yellow, running about the pitch. Games of Muggle Quidditch are most commonly found on college campuses and high school campuses all around the world, and teams travel to compete with one another. Schools in Massachusetts seem to have a great Quidditch following, and Emerson College, Amherst College, and UMass Amherst are only a few of the colleges involved.

November 13-14 of this fall marks the Fourth Annual World Cup in New York City. For more information about Muggle Quidditch, check out the International Quidditch Association at Make sure you check out even more random sports this fall by getting your tickets to the Reduced Shakespeare Company in The Reduced World of Sports (abridged) at the Merrimack Repertory Theatre, September 9th through October 3rd.

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I see you and I raise you: Irish Hurling, the fastest game on grass:

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