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July 18, 2011, 10:05 am
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Thoughts from the week of July 12th

It’s Tuesday afternoon. And I’m researching. Reading the famous works 13th century Persian poet Jelaluddin Rumi. Poetry is not my thing. I don’t mind research. Research is essential. If I have to do it, I have to do it. One of my previous jobs was a research assistant for a professor back home and a lot of times, it would be interesting. As great as Rumi is, I’m not denying that he is good, and had a sense of humor too, but I’ve had too much Rumi …ugh, I can’t focus. Maybe it is the poetry, or looking at the time, it is 3:41 pm. I curse you afternoon.

Wednesday morning. Slow start, but I feel revitalized. I guess that’s what modeling does. I might have just started my hand modeling career. Mallory Johnston, MRT’s media manager, and resident awesome person was looking for an extra pair of hands for a picture to put in the brochure for The Voice of the Turtle. It is common for Mallory to use MRT office employees as models. I remember doing some filing work for Dan a little bit ago; I put brochures for shows and their programs together by season. I caught a glimpse of Ed Cyrus standing behind a desk and Jeff Prescott’s hands and I laughed. But now, anyone in the Boston area could possibly see my aged 50-60 year hands, how cool. However, I just received the sad news that my hands won’t be used for the brochure. I guess hand-modeling wasn’t my calling.

I just filled out the BosTix Advance Ticketing Event Contract for each show this year. I really like doing these.

A while back, I made a list of libraries in the area to call and ask if they are interested in having an MRT patron pass up at their circulation desk. This pass is just a card that is $10 off a ticket for 1 person, and after they are done, return it to the library for the next patron to use. So now, this afternoon, I shall be going through my word documents from a couple of weeks to find this list, and I finally get to call the libraries to ask if they want this card. Practice my phone skills. It needs some work.

So update: It is 4:59 pm on Wednesday, and my afternoon didn’t drag. I am super happy. Normally, I am not one for talking on the phone, in fact, I hate it. But calling all the libraries in the area for the MRT patron pass was actually quite fun. I love talking to librarians. They are always the nicest people. Plus, when I brought up the idea of passes, a lot of them got really excited. I believe “Wooooo” escaped some lips. But this was great. Getting people excited about theatre; besides slurpees, I don’t think there’s anything better.

I am very happy with all the work I managed to complete yesterday, which was Thursday. I managed to make a few more library calls, but I got lost on my list, so I let that go for another day. Then I got to go over to YAAP, (Young Artists At Play) the summer camp here at MRT to take pictures. Going there reminded me of a program we have back home in Michigan called Youtheatre in which high schoolers directed shows with kids who haven’t much experience in theatre. I did that for 8 years, both as participant and director and I really miss it.

And then in the afternoon, Charles Towers, the artistic director, came into my office asking how my experience was going. He wanted to make sure I was doing actual projects and not just being a work horse. Just wanted to make sure I was happy working here. What a nice guy.

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