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July 25, 2011, 9:05 am
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The Week of July 18th: A Timeline of Timelines

Today is Monday. This morning, I picked up where I left off on Friday trying to put together an actual visual timeline on Microsoft Word, which is something new and I’ve never done before. First, let me explain, one of my first big projects when I arrived was to write up and research the study guide for The Persian Quarter, which dives into Iranian-American politics. One of the sections Dan thought should be in there is a timeline of political happenings between the US and Iran. That makes sense. So I asked him, what is the time frame he wants here, and nonchalantly he replied “Eh, you know, anything in the past 100 years.” I laughed, knowing how this was going to end.

I certainly did find a fluid timeline of political unrest in the last 100 years between Iran and the United States easily; it just took up 8 pages of the study guide. I e-mailed it back to Dan and told him he might want to pick out certain events to keep. He did, and now I’m trying to make up that annoying timeline in Word. I say “annoying” not because actually doing it is annoying, no. What’s annoying about it is that Microsoft Word is trying to be too helpful in making this timeline. I change one size of the box to accommodate the amount of what is written inside, and the rest of the boxes change with it. And I’m like no Word, just leave it alone. I changed that one for a reason; I don’t need the rest of them smaller/bigger. It would be better if the program just didn’t help at all. Please, just give me the outline, and don’t try to auto-correct it. It’s becoming more a hassle then helpful.

Today is Tuesday. It is morning, not even an hour into work, and Microsoft Word is already getting on my last nerve. It appears that I am not allowed to edit my timeline once I have closed out and saved it. The only thing I can do is move it around on the page and put a border around it. I want to reach into the computer and smack the software. Maybe pinch it too. I’m feeling very mean. But in the meantime, let me put together the timeline for the 5th time, and this time, I cannot, absolutely, under no terms, close out of Microsoft Word.

And as the week continues on, the saga of the timeline ends. After re-typing it for the 5th time, and doing a silly little thing called saving it onto my computer, it once again turns the timeline into a picture…and I have two typos. TWO! I e-mailed the timeline to media manager Mallory begging her if there is anything she can do on photoshop. But alas, she could not. So the 6th and final time, I typed up the timeline in nothing other than just plain bullet notes, and sent them to Mallory to put the timeline together. I feel like smacking my forehead. How hard could it be to make a simple timeline?

But my projects since then have become so much better. On Friday, I actually got to write my first press release. That’s right, my first published piece of writing. So keep your eye out for the article that announces the date for single tickets going on sale. Single tickets will go on sale and I wrote it!

Fridays with Dan: Earlier in the week, I was going over contracts of sponsors and filling out ticket vouchers based on what the sponsors get in their contracts. It kind of peaked my interest, so that’s what Dan and I talked about: Contracts. Who draws them, and how do you negotiate with what the sponsors get based on what MRT gets.

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