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August 4, 2011, 9:08 am
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July 25th: The Week of the Box Office

I’m sorry this is coming so late. Last week started off a tad slow, but then turned into a whirlwind of stuff. Monday and Tuesday, I focused a lot on the putting a list of the public high schools around the Lowell area, ranging from Londonderry, NH out to Arlington, MA with the names and e-mail addresses of all the English and drama teachers. I will say right now, I hate this project. And even though I have hit August, it’s almost done, but not completely. It’s just matter of going through all the layers of the schools website to, if I’m even lucky, find the e-mail addresses of the teachers. And if they are not organized by department, then scrolling down the full list of faculty members has turned into a game of “Where’s Waldo?” except there’s no goofy guy waving back at you. It makes it a lot less fun.

I ended up having my Fridays With Dan on Wednesday, since he was going to be extremely busy towards the end of the week. This week, one of the conversations I have been looking forward to, and cringing at the same time: picking apart my resume. We sat down and Dan told me what I should get rid of, what needs to be bigger, and greatest of all, what I did in this internship that I can put on my resume. This was very beneficial and helpful. Bring it on unemployment after college! I have a better resume now. I shouldn’t challenge that, unemployment plays dirty.

Thursday and Friday and Monday and Tuesday and however long it takes, I have been spending at MRT’s Box Office. We are putting together subscriber packets and mailing them out. Day one consisted of me putting stickers on envelopes and cutting out inserts. Day two continued with the stickers and folding letters. Day three was all about pulling apart the folded letters (because here at MRT, we like to fold 3, 5, 18 letters together at a time) and putting together all the subscriber tickets based on what night they are going to see the show. Sounds exciting right? Well, to be honest, it’s really not bad. I would rather do that than continue looking through public school websites all day. But the wonderful ladies at the Box Office, Laurie and Ally, live by a consistent rule: there is no possible way you can get any work done without snacks. I wholeheartedly concur. So while stuffing and putting stickers on envelops may wear thin by the afternoon, I get by with a little help from the snacks.

I worked Saturday morning; helped set up MRT’s table at Lowell’s Annual Folk Fest. You saw us right? We were the cool people handing out free magnets and had a magic fish bowl that if you put in a piece of paper with your name and e-mail address on it, you might be chosen to win 2 free tickets for any show this season. If you didn’t see us this year, search for us next year. I’m sure that magic fish bowl will still be around. I enjoyed sitting at the table for a few hours. Development Associate Jeff Prescott and I had a good time playing hold onto that with the wind and informing people of our upcoming season. I loved being able to talk to people about our upcoming season. Just talking about theatre and informing people of MRT’s upcoming season was great, but also talking to everyone, answering question that I knew the answers (not all, but most) to about our season as a whole. It’s just so cool.

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