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Last week we had a great interview with the RSC boys. We covered many topics including their favorite props, proper foot attire and lack thereof, Matt Rippy’s favorite healthy frozen snack and how Austin Tichenor is a Pagan.

Today we want to bring you behind the scenes and show you what’s going on behind the camera.


Just to preface a little bit, for every show here at MRT we conduct interviews with the actors and directors. Sometimes when we are so fortunate to have the writers staying with us – as is the case with The Reduced Shakespeare Company, we interview the writers as well. The interview takes place in our rehearsal hall, and then our wonderful Media Manager Mallory Johnston creates the videos that you see.

But what goes on before you see the final product?

Some things you don’t see include our Marketing Manager and interviewer extraordinaire Dan Berube asking the questions themselves, the poor soul (whoever it may be) who has to hold the boom microphone, and the rest of the marketing crowd sitting in on the interview.


This is more often a rarity than not, but during our last interview we had a few comical interruptions. Matt Rippy of RSC somehow managed to barge in on Reed and Austin to talk about the presents he wants for Christmas. Just so you all know, he’s really keen on a new Harley Davidson. It costs about $36,000, but the cost to joy ratio makes it a total bargain.


To make things really interesting, Reed Martin felt a bit left out and wanted to do Dan’s job. Once he was done with his interview and we were talking with Austin Tichenor, Reed elected himself to ask Austin a few questions.





While preparing for their interviews both Reed and Austin were having a few apparel problems. Reed was concerned about wearing black socks with his jeans, and Austin just neglected to wear any form of footwear at all.

Austin and his foot attire.

Matt came into the interview with a plastic bag filled with a somewhat unidentifiable snack. He explained after the camera stopped rolling that they were his favorite healthy snack – frozen grapes. We have to say, they’re really pretty good!

Later this week we’ll be exploring some of the props that the RSC boys drag around. Until then, to get the latest news of MRT follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook!


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