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July 12, 2012, 12:48 pm
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As part of the annual meeting on June 26, longtime MRT supporters Carol and George Duncan were presented the Tsongas Award by Congresswoman Tsongas. From left-right, MRT Board President Debra Grossman, Carol Duncan, George Duncan, and Representative Tsongas.


Below is the speech made by Congresswoman Tsongas:

“It is my honor to be here this evening to present the Tsongas Award to George and Carol Duncan. 

This award honors the belief that, in the words of my husband, Paul, ‘there is common purpose, shared and inescapable’ and nowhere is that more evident than in the storied contributions of Carol and George to the City of Lowell. 

Their contributions are broad but deep, often muted but always consequential, consistent and persistent as they have lived their lives in this community they so evidently love.

There is little they have not touched as this city has sought to revitalize its storied history, enrich its cultural legacy, meet the needs of its more vulnerable citizens, secure an educated citizenry, create beauty in both its natural and built environment, and work to cultivate a tradition of generosity that advances and highlights the enduring spirit of Lowell that is shared and inescapable. 

If we look at all they have touched:

George as Founder and Chairman of Enterprise Bank, a vibrant financial institution growing throughout the region in the face of a daunting economic environment, Carol as Executive Director of Girls, Inc. successfully striving to meet the needs of young girls often challenged by the circumstances of their lives, George as a founding director at the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, a visionary effort to leverage the collective philanthropy of so many residents of the City, Carol as a longtime Board member at the Library and now Foundation member which she worked to create, her testament to the enduring role of public libraries, George as a leader in creating the Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust, reflecting his belief that the city’s natural landscape  must also be protected and preserved, and Carol’s longtime tenure on the Board of Directors at MRT, Lowell’s leading arts organization that in its renowned work is the ‘handmaid of human good and understanding’. 

The long list of their many involvements does not really do justice to the collective story of their lives.  What I do know, as all of you here tonight do as well, is that this City would not be the same without them.

Thank you, Carol and George.”



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