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September 10, 2012, 8:59 am
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Last night Homestead Crossing premiered at MRT in the newly renovated theater. Lesley Shires, playing the character of Claudia, responded to some questions about her character, in a recent interview.

Tell us about your character in Homestead Crossing

Claudia is a young girl who grew up in the foster system. She’s bright and sharp and beautifully uninhibited. She pops emotionally allowing herself to not be trapped in one feeling for very long. She is curious and in tune, savvy.

Corinna May, Lesley Shires, and David Adkins in Homestead Crossing. Photo by Meghan Moore.

How do you relate or connect with your character?

I understand the happiness in her longing. To me there is still a fairy tale in her, the belief that there can be and is a dreamlike outcome. I understand that perfectly. I believe it too.

What attracted you to audition for this role, and what was the process like?

The process is joyously ongoing. I still feel like I learn something new every night. In a world premiere you are the original. You can paint Claudia any way you imagine within the world of the play. I was attracted to that and the humor originally. Throughout it has been a layering of past events and sadness and forward momentum.

I wanted to uncover the truth behind her actions without weighing her down and I’m still doing that.

Why do you think audiences will enjoy and connect with Homestead Crossing?

It’s genuine. It’s not a shock value, current event piece. It will come into your home and cause you to see and laugh at yourself.

What are you most looking forward to in performing this play for a new audience here at MRT?

Fresh energy. New words from Bill. New atmosphere, space, temperature. I think everything will inform us in a new way. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow.


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