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September 12, 2012, 9:00 am
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Homestead Crossing premiered at MRT on Sunday, September 9th, and MRT has been interviewing the cast to get an inside look at the process of developing their characters. Corinna May, playing the part of Anne, speaks about her experiences so far.

Tell us about your character in Homestead Crossing

Anne is a middle-aged professional woman, happily married — and her 20+ year relationship with her husband has slipped into a comfortable routine. Maybe too comfortable.

How do you relate or connect with your character?

I identify with her sharp mind, her sense of humor, her strength, her willingness to give in to sudden impulses that would seem to come out of the blue. She’s tougher than I am, and her emotions are not nearly as close to the surface as mine tend to be — though we are both passionate, vital, curious, adventurous, she has lost or perhaps more accurately shut away that part of herself, and become rather buttoned-up.

David Adkins, Ross Cowan, Lesley Shires and Corinna May in Homestead Crossing. Photo by Meghan Moore.

What attracted you to audition for this role, and what was the process like?

The stars aligned in quite a magical way around this project; I knew Charles Towers and Kyle Fabel, and although we’d never worked together I’d seen and admired their work —and I was a fan of Bill’s as well, having seen his play No Wake, so I was thrilled to with the offer to play Anne. And the icing on the cake is that I’m playing opposite my real-life partner of 12 years, David Adkins!

Why do you think audiences will enjoy and connect with Homestead Crossing?

It’s a play that audiences of different ages will easily identify with: the characters, both the two twenty-somethings and the middle-aged pair are going through the sorts of passages that we all go through; and it’s also very, very funny as well as a bit mysterious. I believe audiences will be charmed, intrigued, and thoroughly entertained.

What are you most looking forward to in performing this play for a new audience here at MRT?

Being the first play in the newly-remodeled theatre at MRT is an honor – and doing a world premiere is always exciting. And since ultimately the audience is what makes theatre Theatre, I look most forward to creating this event with the MRT audience and hopefully getting to meet many of them and hear their responses and insights.


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